The Pace DGT 400 receiver supplied officially to Australia and as used by Galaxy (now defunct), AUSTAR, FOXTEL or ECTV (ECTV was purchased by AUSTAR last year), has software installed that prevents the receiver picking up signals properly from any satellite except OPTUS B3. This is due to the fact only OPTUS B3 in this region of the world, sends a programme ratings signal, eg, G, PG, M, MA or R in the form that the Pace receiver must see, before it will display any video signal.

 The Australian encryption system is almost unique, and is a variation on the IRDETO system used elsewhere in the world. That is why so far, nobody has actually cracked the code used to unscramble the signals. (Or at least, nobody has officially admitted to have cracked the code used in Australia). So unless your dish is pointing to OPTUS B3, you will most probably not be able to get anything out of the Pace Box.

Also, even if your satellite dish is pointing to OPTUS B3, unless you have a subscription to either AUSTAR or FOXTEL, you are unlikely to receive any channels, except TVSN shopping Network Channel with the Pace DGT 400. TVSN is not encrypted, and the Pace DGT 400 can see TVSN and the G classification in the digital signal. If a valid smartcard for FOXTEL or AUSTAR is not available the PACE DGT00 receiver can still access the AUSTAR/FOXTEL radio/music channels, as these are not scrambled at present on Optus B3

During 1998 for some weeks it was possible to watch 11 Optus channels FTA, via the Pace DGT 400 (or any other digital receive), because those Optus channels were not scrambled. However, although these channels are still on the Optus B3 satellite, they are now totally scrambled. Software downloaded via the satellite the Pace DGT 400 receiver, initially by Galaxy, and subsequently by AUSTAR & FOXTEL, restricts access only to certain Pay TV signals depending on individual subscriptions and totally prevents access to Optus AURORA scrambled television and radio channels, even with an enabled Optus AURORA smartcard. Although I would believe the downloading of software to receivers owned by the viewer, rather than those receivers owned by a service provider, to prevent access to AURORA, or any other FTA service could face a legal challenge if the owner was so inclined.

If you own your own PACE DGT 400 receiver you may be able to get a satellite connection from FOXTEL, depending on where you live. However, usually the only PAGE DGT 400 receivers FOXTEL will connect, are either those Galaxy sold to their rural customers, including many areas of Western Australia, (these customers were also taken over by FOXTEL) or those originally connected by ECTV (ECTV actually sold their receivers to their subscribers rather than lease them as part of the monthly subscription) Owners of ECTV supplied receivers, who move to other parts of Australia, can usually be connected to the FOXTEL service. For these customers FOXTEL may charge a lower subscription rate where FOXTEL does not own the receiver. However, in most of the ECTV areas the programming supply contracts were purchased by AUSTAR, with only a limited area mainly in the Newcastle area, N.S.W, taken over by FOXTEL.

FOXTEL will not connect you to their service unless you supply the Pace DGT 400 serial number, FOXTEL do know what serial numbers are which. and they will know if the Pace DGT 400 you have was originally owned by Galaxy or AUSTAR or if it is one that was sold to the subscriber by ECTV or Galaxy.

As far as I know, AUSTAR will NOT usually supply a service to satellite equipment owned by the viewer, other than former ECTV subscribers. These ex-ECTV viewer do not receive any discount from AUSTAR, even though the viewer owns the receiving equipment. However, when AUSTAR took over the ECTV customers, they did give one month's free service as compensation for increasing the price that was formerly charged by ECTV. The subscriptions of former ECTV subscribers who transferred to AUSTAR now match what all other AUSTAR satellite subscribers pay.

pace 400

Note: recent changes to the data stream and updated firmware sent to most Pace decoders may mean the following, or some of the following information may not apply

PRESS MENU on the remote control. - 
PRESS number 5 - Channel Organisation Menu will be displayed. 
PRESS Number 3 to Reset TV Channels - this message will appear: "Press SELECT to reset the TV Channels or press EXIT to escape" 
PRESS SELECT- confirmation will appear on the bottom of the TV with the message:"TV Channels list has been reset".. PRESS MENU to redisplay normal services. 

NOTE: During 2001 Austar downloaded new software to their Pace Decoders - as a result some menu items mentioned above do not apply to the Austar Pace decoders.
After reading the above you will now know that other than the AUSTAR or the FOXTEL service there are no additional services you can view with the Pace DGT 400 receiver on Optus B3. However, for those who are not convinced here is the actual method of tuning the Pace DGT 400 receiver to other frequencies. (This may not work if the decoder has the new software) Please get it right, if you mess up the settings and can't tune the signals back to AUSTAR or FOXTEL your service provider will charge you for a service call to come and re-set your receiver. (The PACE DGT 400 installers pin number is 4252 or for the Pace decoders with new software 2878)

 Using the remote control, point it to the Pace DGT 400 receiver and press the MENU button, this will open the main menu
Use the arrow down key and go the menu item 6 and press enter to open the installers box - or type 6 and the installers key box will open
Enter in the installerspin: 4252 (or try 2878)and press SELECT
You should now be in the installers menu
1./ LNB settings .....for OPTUS B3 LNB setting should be set to Power ON and the MHz setting should be 11300
2./ Signal detection ..... this is to view the signal strength
3./ UHF Tuning .... this is to tune the receiver to one of your vacant TV channels. - obviously if you can see the menu it is tuned in, so leave this alone.
4./ Manual Channel Tuning .... see Manual Channel Tuning below.
5./ Restore Factory Settings ...- do not press this, as the factory settings are not normally applicable to Australia

 Manual Channel Tuning. - use the arrow keys on the remote to go between items
1./ Frequency - AUSTAR/FOXTEL default is 12,438 but you can use 12,564 or 12,689, or 12,626 - as all 4 transponders are tied on the satellite by software.
2./ Symbol Rate - 29473
3./ Polarisation - Horizontal
4./ FRC - 3/4
5./ Apply These Settings - go to 5 and press SELECT after you have entered the correct information. The receiver will then scan the satellite, and if you have got the settings correct, and your dish is pointing to OPTUS B3, then the receiver will lock into the signals.

The settings above are for AUSTAR/FOXTEL. You will only be able to see what channels the smartcard is authorised to see. FOXTEL smartcards can NOT see the Optus Movie Channels or Weather 21, ESPN or C7 Sports. And AUSTAR receivers can NOT see the SKY NEWS channel, FOX Kids. ANTENNA (Greek Channel) & RAI (Italian Channel). AUSTAR & FOXTEL use software to inform the smartcard what channels line up, (AUSTAR or FOXTEL) they want individual subscribers to identify on the satellite, even though the signals are scrambled until your smartcard is authorised for a subscription service.

As mentioned above there are many AURORA signals on OPTUS B3, but the Pace DGT 400 receiver, while it can tune to these frequencies, can only view the TVSN channel on AURORA. Yes this is the same channel as is also on AUSTAR/FOXTEL - it is on both sets of transponders.
If you want to try other frequencies on OPTUS B3, by all means do so, the satellite chart on this web site HERE lists all the frequencies for the OPTUS B 3 satellite. When you have discovered there is nothing else to see you can then use the above instructions to restore the settings to enable you to watch AUSTAR or FOXTEL, depending on which service you subscribe to.

Unlike some satellite receivers, the removal and re-inserting of a smartcard in a Pace DGT 400 receiver will not damage the smartcard.

An AUSTAR or a FOXTEL enabled smartcard will work in the PACE DGT 400, UEC 646 or 626 and SMS satellite receivers. However, a smartcard from FOXTEL will re-arrange the AUSTAR television channel line-up and will also add any unique FOXTEL channels not already part of an AUSTAR satellite service but any unique AUSTAR channels will become scrambled.. (or as an alternative..... an AUSTAR smartcard will re-arrange a receiver that normally has a FOXTEL smartcard. etc. etc.)


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